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About Us

Local Stoneham 3rd Graders at our program

The Stoneham Historical Society is an all volunteer, 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 1922. Our mission is to keep history alive by researching, collecting, archiving, and sharing with our community through engaging programs and educational experiences. We are focused on gathering and telling stories of those often left out of history books.

Yeoman farmers and shoemakers established our New England town of 23,000 in 1725 after separating from Charlestown.  From the War of Independence to the Industrial Revolution, Suffrage movement and 19th and 20th century conflicts, Stoneham men and women have been on the front line of civic, labor and social justice issues.

The Society maintains two historic buildings at 36 William Street in Stoneham.

Spanish War Hall Building

The first is the Spanish War Hall which once served as the quarters of United Spanish War Veterans. It was deeded to the society in 1958 and now houses our museum and library as well as serving as our meeting hall. It was originally built in 1911 as a small manufacturing facility to produce papers and boxes for storing and shipping pharmaceuticals.

The second is the Doucette family ‘Ten Footer’ – a building where shoemakers once worked and sold shoes prior to large-scale industrialization. It serves as a reminder of Stoneham’s historic shoe-making industry which earned us the nickname of “Shoe Town”.