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Research at Stoneham Historical Society & Museum

SHSM holds a wide variety of artifacts and information on the town, including many photographs of Stoneham people, businesses and houses.  We are working to digitize our catalog, but currently, all information and artifacts can only be accessed by our volunteer staff.  The exception is our periodic research days for the public to research the history of their home.  We provide access to many Town records, such as street listings and some tax records.

The Society & Museum is an independent non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers.  It is not supported financially by the Town of Stoneham.


If you have a research question, contact us. (use the online form below or email us) We will do a very brief assessment of your request and advise you on the best option. If more detailed research is required, you can fill out the request for research form with a research deposit.  We will review your question and provide an outline of information if it exists.  If more in-depth research is needed, we will provide an estimate of the research fee.


You can fill out our online form and pay online or download a printable PDF Research Request form and mail it to us with your $35 non-refundable check payable to Stoneham Historical Society & Museum, 36 William St., Stoneham, MA 02180.  Note the first hour of research is free for members in good standing, with a 20% discount on additional hours.

We will review and attempt to fulfill the initial research request.   If more in-depth research is needed, we will provide an estimate of the research fee.  The rate for additional research is $25 an hour for non-members and $20 for members. Any associated expected duplicating or licensing fees will be included separately.  Once you look over the evaluation and fee estimate, you can contact us if you would like to proceed.  Research beyond the initial evaluation will be gladly provided after your payment has been received.