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New WWI Exhibit Highlights Open House at Stoneham Historical Society & Museum on Saturday, November 3rd


James F. Crowley, John M. De Veau, and James E. Doucette…are a few of the names of the Stoneham boys who lost their lives during WWI.  Stoneham sent 540 young men and women to serve of which 17 men made the ultimate sacrifice  This year marks the 100th anniversary of WWI–a world war that in a little over a year and a half forfeited nearly 117,000 American souls.  In honor of the Anniversary, the SHSM has a new exhibit highlighting examples of authentic battle memorabilia from the era including uniforms worn by by our American “Dough Boys” as well as a one from genuine German soldier.  The uniforms are generously on loan from Mike Sallese, a Woburn Historical Society Board Director (and SHSM member) who is one of the area’s most avid collectors of military memorabilia and uniforms.  In addition, the display includes helmets and other WWI militaria from the Stoneham Museum collection.

The door is open to the newly refurbished 10-footer Shoe House. Furnished with original shoe-making tools, it is reminiscent of the  shoe-making trade that was once the “sole” of the Stoneham community prior to the Industrial Revolution.

The Open House is from 2-4 p.m. on Saturday, November 3rd.  The SHSM is located at 36 William St., Stoneham