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Stoneham-Reading Thanksgiving Football

Piece of Goalost from 1941 game
Edge of goalpost artifact from 1941 Stoneham Reading Football game
Edge of goalpost from 1941 Stoneham Reading Football Thanksgiving football showing where it was broken off

Go Spartans

After the recent Spartan victory in the 2022 annual Thanksgiving day football game between Stoneham and Reading, here is an interesting artifact from the Historical Society that comes from the 1941 contest. It seems that the Stoneham crowd was intent on stealing the goal posts after their 6-0 victory but Reading was out to stop them. It led to fisticuffs and hurt feelings and Reading was able to salvage most of the torn-down goal post. This is what was left of it and is now on display at the Historical Society. Go Spartans!!

1941 Stoneham Football Team 1941 Football Team as depicted in the 1942 Stoneham High School yearbook.